"There is an exquisite balance between the integrity of emotions and the integrity of technique. It is our responsibility to have the appropriate tools, emotionally and technically in order to bring life to the stage.

I'm just a car mechanic for the voice."

~Chrissellene G. Petropoulos

"Chrissellene G. Petropoulos has pioneered the application of MRI technology to the field of voice production. This is a seminal development, which brings an objective and scientific approach to a field which has rested on subjective criteria until now."

~Oscar Mann M.D.
(Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine)

  10 Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™

Chrissellene teaches students with different performing goals and ranging in age from nine to seventy-five. Each lesson is tailored to the unique requirement of the student, actor or singer. Some are serious professionals, and some just want to have fun! Chrissellene's lessons are based on her book, Performance Mode and The 10 Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™.

This evidence-based system strengthens the foundation and technical ability of your voice to give you control and consistency regardless of your age, experience, or performing style.

It is a system that directly addresses, repairs and builds specific vocal challenges, whether you speak or sing.

Included is The Vocal Mastery Series is a seven hour instruction DVD featuring students demonstrating Performance Mode and the 10 Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™.

When you master the 10 Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™, you will have:

* Guaranteed high notes
* No cracking
* Chest-Belting voice (they are not the same)
* Head-Legit voice
* No more tension in the throat
* The choice to sing with a nasal or non-nasal sound
* Absolute control of air; Ability to sustain long phrases
* Over two-octave range
* Dynamic / volume control

Performance Mode and The 10 Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™, was created and developed by Chrissellene G. Petropoulos. It began with a passion and drive to discontinue her road to vocal failure and find the strongest road to correct breathing and vocal production.

Chrissellene has presented her workshop / master classes to many different organizations including:

* Peabody Institute of Music; Baltimore
* Classical Singer Teacher Spotlight; New York
* The Voice Foundation workshop series; Philadelphia
* Music Teachers Association Collaborative Conference; Canada
* The D.C. Federations of Music Club; Washington D.C.
* Sigma Alfa Iota; Maryland
* Rockville, Maryland Musical Theater
* Victorian Lyric Opera Company; Maryland
* Fairlington Church, Alexandria, VA
* Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Muscians; New Jersey
* Local Schools:
* Georgetown Day School, Washington DC
* Winston Churchill High School
* Walt Whitman High School

Her accomplishments can be found in the United States Congressional Record.

In 2007, The Library of Congress chose to add The 10 Technical Commands to Vocal Mastery™ to their original collections.

She has also been awarded a United States Patent.